WE'VE DONE IT AGAIN! City Paper's "Best of Baltimore" Best Mens Haircut Honors!!!
Thanks to the loyal customers who made us what we are!
"MEN ARE WEIRD ABOUT HAIR. That is, we do our best to pretend not to care about it, but so many of us are profoundly vain about it, which makes for a deadly combo when we go to get our hair cut. One of the many nice things about the Beatnik Barbershop is that the various folks manning the shears at the small Mount Vernon spot can make you look like a state trooper or a banker, if that's what you want, but they don't seem to assume that's what you're looking for when you try to fumble out how you want it cut. Chances are that you leave looking like you, instead of like a guy who just got a haircut. Factor in a jovial, bantering atmosphere, and we actually look forward to a snip."

JULY 2007-
we've garnered Baltimore Magazines "Best Of' once more! "If it's a metrosexual exrtravaganza you crave, you'd best look elsewhere. But if fresh coffee, ample newspapers, jazz, and local art are more your speed, pete babones's BEATNIK BARBERSHOP is the place for you. Babones's approach is refreshingly back to basics: Come in, relax, get a good haircut, and be done with it. The small storefront space is unassuming, bright ("I don't understand how you can get a haircut in a place with muted lights" babones says) and decidedly low key. Oh, and no need to make an appointment, either: They only accept walk-ins."

Although we hesitate sending you to anyone wielding a straight razor with "nik" in his shop's name--or "beat" for that matter--where else in town can you get coffee and a haircut for $15? Starbucks charges that much for a couple lattes. Granted, Starbucks' coffee might be better, but the haircut alone is definitely worth it. In fact, the warm shaving cream and razor to the back of the neck is worth it all on its own. The conversation and consistent cuts put Beatnik over the top, and there are usually two chairs available, so keep your lid on your coffee and don't mind the occasional brief wait.

It’s only been open for a month, and Peter the barber is just four months out of haircut-college in Dundalk, but we were lured by the trim look of the Mount Vernon storefront and the coffee & a haircut: $12 sign. And fuckin’ A if this ain’t the best men’s haircut in Baltimore. You walk in, read a little New York Times, sip some joe, and wait for Peter to finish up with the guy who walked in before you. Then you settle into one of three deluxe chairs and Big P. gives you a cut that’s just as good as the “styling” available elsewhere at a fraction of the cost in half the time. Peter says he can take on any length hair, ethnicity, or race, but no girls—unless she wants a boy’s cut. Let’s give the man some business, so he never has to go back to waiting tables in Little Italy.





The Beatnik Barbershop opened in 2005 by Barber Peter Babones,
and in it's brief time, has garnered numerous "Best Of"
accolades as well as a loyal clientele that grows by the day

Located in historic Mt. Vernon, The Beatnik Barbershop is
convienient from Downtown, and the surrounding areas. So far we've received City Paper's Best men's haircut every year
that we've been open, and just got Baltimore Magazine's Best Barbershop award. We kick ass. No one comes into our shop that doesn't leave a new loyal customer. Our Mt Vernon location has been open for two years now and has reached iconic status in the neighborhood. We are quick, but do not rush. No one walks out
our door without a perfect haircut. We do not take appointments,
but no one ever waits long either. And we have the best mix ever
coming out over our Ipod. You can hear anything from the Louis Armstrong Hot Five Sessions to Kiss Alive II, and join in
conversations about anything from the rise in housing prices to
the decline of western civilization.
Feel like a soldier, Look like a thief!